ZOPO Explores Further Into India Through Odisha


zopo india

After the successful launch of the Speed 7 and the Speed 7 Plus in New Delhi last October, ZOPO has become one of the most popular mobile brands in India.

On January 16th, ZOPO held a product launch event in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, located in the east of India. At the event, ZOPO’s recent mobile models of the 3 series (Speed series, Flash series and Color series) were launched, including the Speed 7 and the Speed 7 Plus.

Kevin Xu, founder of ZOPO, said, “Besides, keeping a close tab on the latest developments in mobile communications technology and constantly upgrading our products, we are now focusing on the expansion part. Eastern India is an important market for us and we wish to establish a strong foothold for our products in this region going forward with our foray into the state of Odisha.”

Sanjeev Bhatia, founder & CEO of Advantage Computers India Pvt Ltd, said, “We are committed to providing best on-ground support to ZOPO as their flagship partners. We look at Odisha as a strategic market for us and hope to build a long-term relationship with our retailers in the region.”

ZOPO has built 200 service centers for after-sales assistance to customers in India. Any maintenance needs by users will be handled with great efficiency.

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