New Color Series C3, F2, F5 with Multi-Account Control Feature


Have you ever had the need to use two social media (or other chat/game) accounts at the same time on the same phone but couldn’t do it?

Zopo Color C3 F2 F5 multi account support

Well now you can with our new Color series phones, it’s called Parallel Space. Now you can have 2 Facebook accounts, 2 Pokémon Go accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, the list goes on… it basically supports any app! Separate your work and life easily.

Never again will you have to worry about logging out of one account to log into another one! Save time and headaches. Extremely useful and a great feature to our Zopo phone lineup!

So check it out with your new Color C3, F2 or F5 today and enjoy the great user experience Zopo brings you!

Check out the video of it in action:

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