We at ZOPO initiated Aagaaz 2017


All India ZOPO Meet 6

All India ZOPO meet was organised & named Aagaaz 2017 in New Delhi on 9th January, as part of our first quarter sales meet aiming the brand in next 2 quarters to be in the top 5 smartphone category in India. Our entire team from around the country attended the meet to participate their entries on the keynote, called “Zip Zap ZOPO”.

Our marketing and sales experts from all India branches sphere were happy to disseminate the year start report with their yet experiences and achieved targets, scheme initiatives, upcoming plans, market requirement and pricing schemes for the next two quarters. Begin with 9th January Monday morning was packed by the time Mr. Sandeep Tomar, National Business Manager addressed the meet and delivered the opening speech.

All India ZOPO Meet 4

His focus was on to introduce All India ZOPO heads’ team all together, targeting 1 million consumers  and share his own experiences and plans for the brand and nearing products. He mentioned how, on a personal level, he had grown and where he sees his brand growing.

Following Mr Sandeep, Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO- ZOPO Indian Sub-Continent & Managing Director ADCOM spoke about our product on online and offline grounds, and how the past and future initiatives will help us to groom with it. Mr. CEO stated, that the brand’s sale should not only be maximum, but also come with positive reviews and a fair reputation of our brand and products.

All India ZOPO Meet 11

Mr. Sahib Bhatia – Operations Head was the next speaker for ZOPO’s all operational keys. He said that our brand marketing is the ultimate way to make our products express to users minds. One can speak or write what they want but to our handset we are the communicators for buyers. Our tweaks have to be that strong, which will make a consumer buy our product zestfully. Later, He added that “It is important for everyone of us at ZOPO to develop our own style, and make our brand’s presence felt within the region”.

All India ZOPO Meet 1

Later, Mr. Praveen Kumar – Service Head gave his valuable tips on product services and their policies, saying that it is more a practical concept. Following him, Mr. Vinay Kumar Mishra – Sr. Manager ZSR Training & Saleout said that, “at first it’s not easy to get success, but one must have the passion for sales from the very beginning of year without thinking of the commercial aspects”.

All India ZOPO Meet 9

Next he continued briefing company overview to our ZSR’s (ZOPO Sales Representatives) whom you can also call as Zopo’s brand ambassadors. Then he spoke of our current achieved targets with the targets yet to be achieved in forthcoming quarter.

After him, Mr. Vineet Varshney – Product Head, provided insights on how they are working and strategizing upcoming models and handsets. He addressed the meet keeping in vision that our products should be more popular than us. He said, we will transform our products in way that brand will be identified more easily with our tech smart handsets.

All India ZOPO Meet 3

Our enthusiastic team heads ended up it with new incentives schemes and plans with the result oriented target of taking Zopo in next 2 quarters to the top 5 smartphone brand in India and achieving 8.5% market share. Finally the cocktail party and dinner bash was held. To know more, visit us on facebook.

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