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2017/08/25 | Source: Economic Times

20953868_1500554669991521_2467839918239856350_nDual cameras are all the hype now a day but they are available in the mid-range of higher price segment. Zopo aims to change that with their latest smartphone, Zopo Speed X – a sub Rs 10,000 smartphone with a dual rear camera setup.

The dual camera setup on the Zopo Speed X includes a 13MP primary sensor with 2.2 aperture and a 2MP secondary sensor. As with most dual camera phones, the Zopo also offers a dedicated mode in the camera app to enable dual camera and get a bokeh effect in the photos. While the 13MP camera is a capable shooter and manages to take images with good details and sharpness in daylight, it does not fare too well indoors and suffers from soft details. The dual camera mode requires precision framing for proper bokeh effect – 50% of the times the images failed to capture proper edges around the subject for bokeh.

The front 13MP camera fared much better and delivered selfies with good details and rich colours. There is also a front flash to assist in low light which worked well. One big issue with both the rear and front camera is that they suffer from shutter lag. There is a 1 second delay in tapping the shutter button to the time it shoots the image which leads to blurred images at times. We hope Zopo fixes this issue with software update in the future.

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